The Lost Lands of Asmonia

Deep in the jungles of Africa there are hidden caves twenty miles north of where the present city of Liranga lies and where the Congo bursts into countless tributaries the ancient civilization of Asmonia flourished in the period 1300-1534 AA (After Asmon). Researchers from the London National Museum first discovered the ruins in 1926 while on an expedition to build dams to protect the ruins recently discovered further south where primal man was thought to have been born.

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Asmond the Great

Asmon the Great comes running through the jungle like his famous predecessor George screaming,
"I've got it. This time I've got it."
Thousands harkened to his call. After all they were looking for it and had been ever since anyone could remember. At that time this people had no name, no central point of identity. Soon all of that was to change.

"Tell us oh Asmon. Please show us the way. What have you found?" They asked.

"Instead of walking in circles like we've always been taught to do all we have to do is to walk straight ahead in any direction and then we can get out of this jungle," He said with an all knowing smile .

"Straight ahead. That is preposterous," The priest told him. "We always walk like this," The priest then proceeded to demonstrate and everyone of the thousands gathered followed. The priest who was particularly irked by Asmon's disturbance decided to walk in an exceedingly large circle which took the people about three hours before they trampled back to where Asmon had remained munching on dried Willow Winunki bark.

"See," Asmon said. "You came right back where you started from. That's why we can never leave the jungle," Asmon spoke loudly this time wowing the crowd who shouted a chorus of oh's and ah's.

The priest was confused and even angrier this time. He decided to walk in the largest circle ever attempted and this time Asmon followed. Sure enough for all intents and purposes the largest circle ever meant that he was walking in a straight line. Soon they left the jungle and even the priest turned to Asmon and said,

"Asmon from this day forward you will be known as Asmon the Great and we will be known as Asmonians for you have surely found what we've been looking for. Um do you happen to know the way back?"

Alas Asmon had been too preoccupied with keeping up with the group and had not bothered to track which way they had come. They wandered in the plains for forty years before finding their home once again. Strangely enough after forty years of travel they never went anywhere ever again. One trip was enough it seems. Asmon however had won his fame the first in a long line of Asmonian adventurers throughout the years. Their tales will follow.


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